Dear Lael family,

For 75 years, Camp Lael has been a place of fellowship, inspiration, and joy. Everyone has a favorite camp story, and everyone has a memory of a time that camp strengthened their faith and brought them more fully into the person they are meant to be. What a blessing it is to hear from former campers and staff members about the impact Lael has had in their lives! Some of you made lifelong friendships at camp. Some met their spouse there. Some sent their children- and are now sending their grandchildren- to make their own memories, to build relationships, and to get closer to the heart of our living God.

In this time, Lael is facing new challenges; a global pandemic meant that Summer 2020 looked different than it has in the past. As we progress into fall, it is our hope to be able to open some programs later in the season. We were blessed with some small groups this summer, but there is no question that this adjustment to our usual schedule brings no small amount of uncertainty and hardship.

That is why we are turning to you, our community and family, to help in securing Camp Lael’s long-term sustainability. In response to circumstances caused by COVID-19, Lael’s new campaign, GIVE-19, allows you to make a one-time or recurring gift. We need your help to guarantee that current and future generations of campers have access to the same experiences that have become essential parts of your story. Consider your monthly subscription to services like Netflix, Spotify, or Audible; a gift to Camp Lael can function the same way. Your small monthly donation adds up to a big impact for Camp’s ministry.

To set up a recurring or one-time donation through GIVE-19 please click the button below. Together, we can ensure that Camp Lael will continue to fulfill its mission of Christian fellowship, spiritual growth, and renewal for all people.

With thanks and all God’s blessings,

Jim Davis
Director, Camp Lael

Jeff Nickel
Chair, Camp Lael Board of Directors

Will You Help?

A regular donation of $19 per month, or $29 per month, or even $9 per month will help to keep Camp Lael’s ministries available to everyone! Please prayerfully consider a regular, or even one-time, gift. Thank you, and God Bless!